1 btc = 12798.87 usd
1 btc = 12798.87 usd
1 btc = 12798.87 usd


What it is
1 btc = 12798.87 usd
1 btc = 12798.87 usd
1 btc = 12798.87 usd

You entered in the demo version of the service Bit-Stream

The service is part of a distributed arbitration mechanism and allows the User to perform operation for the sale/purchase of Bitcoin.

1. The estimated amount of the transaction — 1 bitcoin (with their capital, amount of the contract shall not be less than 0.075 bitcoin, the separation of the service Bit-Stream is not less than 0.025 bitcoin).

2. We see four cryptocurrency exchanges with quotations for sale and purchase, where fix in the most advantageous position:

sale, choose the highest possible;

- buy, choose the as low as possible;

and within 30 seconds to confirm the order:

- the operation is in process, upon completion you will be credited with your profit in your wallet Bit-Stream

Available up to six operations a day, the completion of the operation is made within four hours.

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Financial instrument: {{startBalance}} BTC
Transaction fees (2.2%): {{transactionComission}} $
Site Commission (20%): {{siteComission}} $
Profit: {{resultBtc}} BTC ({{result}} $)
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Course: {{value.currency_selling}} $
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