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Legal framework

1 btc = 11568.36 usd
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The company Vastbit Ltd officially registered in the state Belize at the address 5/7 New Road, Belize city, Belize, Central America, and is guided by the legal form International Business Companies (IBC) based on a legal system of English Common law. Vastbit Ltd is the owner and operator of intellectual property, registered address https://Vastbit.ltd. The Website Vastbit.ltd is designed to provide services to the client digital currency, direct integration methods of digital payments associated with the participation of banks, funds and other financial instruments of the global market.

Vastbit.ltd is the constitutional unit of the world financial block chain technology of the "distributed system of digital registry", which has significant potential in the future, as the combined innovation of arbitration, which is a stable service refinancing using digital currency.

On the free site presented to the legal documents of the company:

• Certificate of incorporation (Certificate of registration)

• Memorandum and Articles of Association (Memorandum and articles of Association of the Company)

• Apostille of the bound set of copies of constitutive documents (Apostilled set of incorporation documents)

• Subscriber''s Resolution (Decision Participants)

• Resolution of first allotment shares (Decision of the first distribution of shares)

• Share Certificates (The Share Certificate)

• Directors and Shareholders registers (registers of Directors and shareholders)

• Deed of Trust (Declaration of Trust)

Some of the Partners Vastbit.ltd engaged in legal, consulting, informational and other support in accordance with the contractual agreements:

www.bcs.org British Community / Digital Technology Institute.

www.intellectuk.org Association of Legal Support, Telecommunications and Electronic Technologies.

www.killik.com the brokerage information center of digital currencies.

www.killik.co.uk Brokerage services and investments.

www.fmlc.org jurisdiction committee for financial markets.

www.ipo.gov.uk Intellectual Property Office.

Some Financial institutions, partners in the financial part of Vastbit.ltd:

- Association Jersey Bankers (JBA) is an Association of licensed banks.

- International Fund for digital currencies.

- Investment Fund Scotland.

More information about our partners is available only on special request to the competent authorities.

Registered address : 5/7 new road Belize city, Belize, Central America.

Number of state registration certificate of the Corporation : No. 168463 from October 24, 2017.

Director of the company : Mr. Jumo Grant.