1 btc = 12798.87 usd
1 btc = 12798.87 usd
1 btc = 12798.87 usd


What it is
1 btc = 12798.87 usd
1 btc = 12798.87 usd
1 btc = 12798.87 usd

You entered in the demo version of the service Lift

The service provides possibility without risk make a transaction/purchase on account of the arbitration to receive a stable profit.

1. The estimated amount of the transaction — 1 bitcoin (with their capital, amount of the contract shall not be less than 0.075 bitcoin, the separation of the service Lift — not less than 0.025 bitcoin).

2. Fix quotes :

- to the left is selling, choose the highest possible;

- on the right — buy, choose the as low as possible.

3. Making a deal :

- after fixing, you see your profits in the order;

- confirm by pressing the "make a deal"

- the operation is in process, upon completion you will be credited with your profit in your wallet Lift

Available up to four operations a day, the completion of the operation is made within six hours.

Exchange Course $
{{value.name}} {{value.currency}}
Exchange Course $
{{value.name}} {{value.currency}}
Number of bitcoin for the transaction

Select exchange

Sell for {{accurateUsd(sellSum)}}$

User ID: -

Select exchange

Buy for {{accurateUsd(buySum)}}$

Merchant ID: 168463

Your profit: {{result}}$ = {{round(resultBtc)}} BTC
Transaction fees (2.2%): {{transactionComission}}$
Site commission (20%): {{siteComission}}$

The warrant is a single payment instrument for financial interaction between institutions. Cancellation of the order is not possible, financing of the payment instrument is not refundable. The order is considered paid when you return working Deposit and crediting bitcoin in your account.

Your transaction was sent for processing
The next transaction will be available after the completion of the current one.
All transactions are completed within 4 hours.
You have reached the deal limit for today
Next deal will be available tomorrow, 21.01.2018