1 btc = 8201.77 usd
1 btc = 8201.77 usd
1 btc = 8201.77 usd

Order execution policy

1 btc = 8201.77 usd
1 btc = 8201.77 usd
1 btc = 8201.77 usd

1. The purpose of the policy

According to the Directive "markets in financial instruments" the Company Vastbit Ltd undertakes to put in place an execution policy and to take all reasonable steps to obtain the result in the interest of the Users of the platform Vastbit.ltd. The present order execution Policy provides for a means of financing by which platform Vastbit offers deals on a warrant. Vastbit undertake to monitor the compliance of the implementation with the best possible outcome for its Users, taking into account price, costs, speed, likelihood of execution, size, nature or any other consideration relevant to order execution. This Policy does not provide for any fiduciary duties or obligations in excess of certain legislative acts set for us or we have agreed on a contractual basis.

2. Performance criteria

Vastbit will take into account the best execution criteria in order to determine the relative importance of the execution factors:

features order User;

the characteristics of financial instruments that are the subject of this order;

the characteristics of the execution venues to which can be directed the order.

The best possible result will be determined taking into account the full revenue of the mechanism, including the working value of the Deposit contract and Commission and fee deductions associated with the execution. The other execution factors such as speed, performance, or any other relevant factors, will in most cases be secondary to the factors of price policy instruments by means of which the process of the transaction.

2. The place of performance

Places of execution are financial organizations that Vastbit transmits orders for execution. Platform Vastbit provides the User with a platform, which formed the warrant transactions as a person acting in his own name (counterparty) and not as agent. Thus, Vastbit.ltd will act as the sole place of performance of orders of the User.

The user forms a working Deposit and places an order trades through a platform Vastbit. After the display order in the financial module of the platform Vastbit, the company Vastbit Ltd opens a copy of this order on his name from a financial institution in the country in which the User performs an operation through the platform Vastbit.ltd. This refinancing operation is performed each time received the warrant, or in aggregate for multiple orders. In this respect Vastbit executes the order of the User, acting as a risk-free participant/facilitator of the transaction.

3. Pricing

Vastbit will provide the quoted price of bitcoin, which are based on quoted prices independent price providers. The main criterion, which Vastbit will ensure that the User of a profitable execution, will guarantee that the quote offered to the customer, installed according to the standard and is compared with a number of quotations of underlying price providers and data sources. Vastbit is monitoring its independent price providers at least once per month to make sure that they provide correct and competitive pricing.

Vastbit platform was integrated with Bayline Trading Ltd, as one of the working of financial instruments the International market of currencies, assets and securities.

4. The factors

Consider the following execution Factors: price of sale/purchase; Commission; speed; likelihood of funding for purchase/sale and settlement order; financing of the transaction; nature or any other consideration relevant to order execution.

For all financial instruments that Vastbit offers, are quoted two prices: the higher price (BID) at which the User can sell (bitcoin) tool, and a lower price (ASK) at which the User can purchase (bitcoin) tool. Quotes Vastbit all financial instruments are a reference to the relevant underlying asset. Vastbit receive a quote from a third party external financial source. The quotes are updated as often as allow the limitations of technology and communications links.

Speed of execution: Vastbit attaches considerable importance to the high-speed execution of the Users within the constraints of technology and communication lines, the time to financing transactions in the country of its execution. Speed can be affected by factors, including a bad Internet connection, or any other link to the servers and the platform Vastbit, which may affect the implementation of the orders of Users.

Calculation and accrual: the calculation order at the time of formation, the User receives information about your income, commissions for transfers, the payment for the financing of the transaction and the Commission website. After the transaction the income of the User is charged in a purse Lift.

5. Monitoring

Vastbit monitors the implementation of this Policy to identify and, if appropriate, correct any deficiencies.

6. Consent

Registration on the site, creating a working Deposit upon signing of a contract Vastbit suggests that the User consents to this Policy.

7. The status of this Policy

This Policy is an integral part of any Contract User, the prisoner on the platform Vastbit with Vastbit Ltd.


The place of execution means a Regulated market, Multilateral trading facility, System internaliser, or other liquidity provider, or financial institution that executes in a third country a function similar to the function of financing tool on request a warrant from the platform Vastbit.

Multilateral trading facility means a multilateral system operated by an investment firm or a market operator, which brings together numerous interested third parties in the buying and selling of Financial instruments system for the purposes of the contract in accordance with the provisions of the Directive "markets in financial instruments".

Regulated market means the international system, composed of different financial institutions, companies, funds. This system integrates and facilitates the buying and selling of Financial instruments in the system in accordance with non-discretionary rules, in accordance with conclusion of a contract for funding of Financial instruments.

The system internalizing this investment firm, which is systematically organized and financed the transaction by performing the client's orders outside a Regulated Market or Multilateral trading facility.