1 btc = 8567.89 usd
1 btc = 8567.89 usd
1 btc = 8567.89 usd

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of use of the platform Vastbit.

These terms and conditions are a legally binding agreement between You, the User of our services, and the Company Vastbit ltd, officially registered in the state Belize at the address 7 New Road, Belize citi and is the owner and operator of intellectual property, registered address https://Vastbit.ltd. Before using this website and check your account carefully read these terms and conditions. By registering on the website and using the services of this platform, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions and consent compliance.

Opening ("working Deposit") and by signing the Contract, the User confirms and warrants that:

1. He (She) took(a) these terms and Conditions.

2. He (She) turned 18 and he(a) has the right to accept these Terms to make transactions on the platform and use other services Vastbit.

The acceptance of these Terms gives the right Vastbit intermediation between financial institutions to provide services to the User, and to perform the functions described below.

1. General rules and information

1.1. Project participation is possible only for persons who have reached the age of majority established by law in the country of residence.

1.2. Platform Vastbit undertakes not to transfer personal user data (username, account number, email address, telephone number, and information about the movement of funds) to any third parties.

1.3. Platform Vastbit is cryptocurrency trading, not selling and not buying. Vastbit is an international financial institution that provides services on the organization of User's work with financial institutions which specialise in areas based on the construction of the OTC interbank system in the global cryptocurrency market and exchange-traded instruments market arbitration traffic.

1.4. Income platform Vastbit is 20% in the ratio of income collected as a result of using the services provided in the financial merchant module Lift Reactor, the Bit-Stream. Other possible services offered on the website are a lucrative part of the User in full.

1.5. The terms and conditions of use of the platform Vastbit are an integral part of the contract.

2. The rights and obligations of the parties.

2.1. The user has the right:

2.1.1. To use all provided services and contracts on the platform Vastbit.

2.1.2. Have a individual referral key and a business wallet, to income, according to the terms of service Affiliate program.

2.1.3. The system to have your Bitcoin address, store funds (working Deposit) for work in the services of Lift Reactor, the Bit-Stream.

2.1.4. To participate in project auctions and projects in accordance with the rules of the auctions and projects published on the website.

2.1.5. To increase the working amount of the Deposit at any time on their own to make prolongation of the contract.

2.2. The user agrees to:

2.2.1. To be used to replenish working in the system of Deposit and withdrawal of funds belonging to him only a payment instrument to pay tax from his income under the laws of the country in which he was as an individual.

2.2.2. To make the completion of your working Deposit with funds of Legal origin.

2.2.3. To protect the security of the data to access the account and not to transfer account access to third parties.

2.2.4. Not to break the Laws of the country in which the User registration of the person.

2.2.5. Do not use scripts or any other software for automation of work in the services Vastbit.

2.2.6. To work in the system services daily, have a work contract and a tool for the job.

2.2.7. Do not create more than one account with the same verification data.

2.3. Platform Vastbit has the right to:

2.3.1. To block User account in case of the message from payment systems about the illegal actions of the User, and upon request of law enforcement.

2.3.2. To refuse the User in providing the services and block the account if:

- The user attempts, anyway, to harm the project (slander, discredit, blackmail, and hacking attempts of the website, spam, etc.).

2.3.3. To restrict access to the account or delete the account:

a) for a period up to 90 days, if:

- The user will repeatedly spam in the technical support Department of the website, incorrect turns, asks questions, the answers to which are available in sections of the site.

b) limit access to or remove, if:

- The user has not used your account for more than 45 days and does not have an active working tool and a work contract.

2.3.4. To change, add, rename or to leave unchanged any sections, paragraphs and subparagraphs of these terms and conditions, notifying the Users on the site.

2.3.5. Request the user for identity documents to pass the verification.

2.3.6. Limit access to your account if more than one account is registered for the same person.

2.4. Platform Vastbit shall:

2.4.1. To ensure the confidentiality of personal data of the User.

2.4.2. To assess the balance of the personal wallet in the account of the User in accordance with the terms of the services provided by the platform Vastbit.

2.4.3. To monitor website performance and ensure smooth operation of all services and unhindered access to your account.

2.4.4. To provide information on personal accounts, the transaction history of the User in the tab "Purses".

2.4.5. To act as a guarantor:

security (eliminating the risk) of transactions in the international market pricing of bitcoin;

- security of bitcoin, which is in one way or another a tool for the provision of services on the platform Vastbit.

3. Settlements:

3.1. The profit received as a result of your use of the services provided on the website, distributed to personal purses.(see "Wallets").

3.2. The user has the right to dispose of the profits at their discretion, withdraw the bitcoin to your personal email address.

3.3. The accrual of bitcoin to the User is performed automatically according to the tariffs of the services provided on the website.

3.4. Listed in the Bitcoin system for the contract, be (working Deposit) and part of the financial mechanism of the platform Vastbit. Working Deposit is kept in the personal workspace of the User until the end of the contract.

3.5. Conclusion bitcoin is for details e-wallet's address specified by the User. Platform Vastbit is not responsible for incorrect details provided and email address in the listing. When you withdraw funds from the personal wallet, there are additional charges from the platform Vastbit.

3.6. Payments are made only to electronic wallets belonging to the User.

3.7. In the event of termination of work, stopping the provision of services or bankruptcy of the company, the user receives a withdrawal of funds by recalculating the amount. The amount of actual incoming replenishment of the service and the amount of outgoing transactions for the period of work are taken into account, the difference is displayed. If the user has covered or received over the amount of replenishment of the service, the company has fulfilled its obligations to it and has no financial debts.

Affiliate program.

4.1. Each user gets a unique referral key reference, registering on which the new User account is tied to the account who invited him.

4.2. Referral commissions are calculated and credited to the User's electronic wallet in accordance with the terms set forth in section "Affiliate program".

4.3. Work on the referral program allows the User to build their individual network, in the context of the six levels and get a reward.

5. Copyright

5.1. All content contained on the pages and attachments of the website Vastbit whether text, graphic or other other information is the exclusive intellectual property of the Company Vastbit ltd.

5.2. Any reference, a literal or partially literal citation of this content are required to be accompanied by the obligatory reference to Vastbit.

5.3. Partial or total reproduction of this content for further distribution or commercial use may be made only with appropriate consultation with Administration Vastbit.

6. Responsibility

For failure and/or the non-observance by the User of these Rules, ignoring warnings of violations from the Administration platform Vastbit may, without further negotiations and discussions with the interested party to partially or completely restrict access, temporarily block or permanently remove the account of the User. Cash in the form of revenue services Lift Reactor, the Bit-Stream, the income from affiliate programs, bonus awards, and other funds that could be in the balance of the account at the time of establishment of the fact of default Rules will not be refundable.

7. Force majeure

In the event of any circumstances preventing the complete or partial fulfilment by any party of its obligations under the Contracts, namely, virus attacks, cyber attacks, hacking, disruption of later cracking, partial loss of data later attacks, or other circumstances beyond the control of the parties, the time stipulated for execution of obligations is postponed for the period of temporary force majeure — 10-16 working days or lasting force majeure is equal to 35-60 working days.

The party for which it becomes impossible the execution of obligations under the Contract, shall immediately inform the other party about the occurrence of these circumstances.

In the event of force majeure circumstances described in this paragraph of the Rules and Conditions of Work, the User has the right:

- stop working on the site, withdraw funds from all available wallets and refuse further cooperation.

- to prolong the work on the terms of the contract.

Term of withdrawal of funds due to force majeure circumstances with a total amount of up to 40 days, the extension of the working contract - 60 calendar days.